Are your spices organic?

Organic farming prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizer.

Our spices are sourced directly from small farms around the world. Most of our spices are organically grown; some of our partner farmers are certified organic and some are not. They are harvested by hand, dried naturally and transported whole to preserve freshness.

Some of our products are organic and some are on the way to be certified. As you know, Organic certifications are expensive — often too expensive for an independent farmer to be able to afford. As we grow, we're working with our partner farmers to get them certifications and develop new capabilities (on-site grinding, growing specific types of spices) to help improve the value of their spices and allow them to get a bigger cut of the price of the final product.

Our audited supply chain allows for traceability back to an individual farm or a farmer group. Each year, we are developping our organic products.

Are your spices Kosher or Parve?

All of our spices are parve / pareve and almost all of our spices are Kosher without supervision. Spices (like vegetables and other plants) are inherently Kosher and do not require a specific Kosher certification as per the Orthodox Union & Chicago Rabbinical Council.

We manage the entire supply chain for our products, including sourcing directly from partner farmers, and our spices are stored and packed in facilities that do not accept animal products of any kind, including meat, dairy or seafood.

There is no virtually chance of cross-contamination with any non-Kosher products or ingredients. We do not use any anti-caking or flow agents, which would not be considered Kosher.

Are your spices gluten-free?

Our spices are naturally free of gluten, and since we manage the entire supply chain, we know that there's virtually no chance of cross-contamination with any products containing gluten.

However, our spices are not third party-certified gluten-free, so if there's a severe gluten sensitivity, please use caution.

Are your spices non-GMO?

Good news: there are no genetically modified spices! You can rest assured that our spices are all non-GMO.