Your Partner in Spices

Finest ingredients from Madagascar

Company Snapshot

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to make Madagascar the leading country of premium spices.

Our mission is to become the shortest link to source high quality ingredients while creating added value for all stakeholder of the supply chain.

Our Operations

Our business is run by a team of 2 that employs directly more than 50 people across 5 cities over 3 regions. We are vertically integrated from farming to export.

In addition, we work with several associations of farmers spread around the country. This trade model benefits directly local farmers and their communities that represents an excess of 1,200 farmers and family units as of December 2019. This leads to better lives, better relationships and better products.

Our Products

Thanks to our great network of farmers, we are able to offer a range of 11 family of items.

From the classic flavours like cinnamon, to the sought after vanilla or the unique wild pepper aka voatsiperifery.

Product Line

Vanilla in all its shapes and forms

Vanilla Beans - Gourmet Grade Vanilla Beans - Red Grade Vanilla Beans - Cuts Grade Vanilla Beans - Powder Vanilla Seeds - Caviar

Cinnamon in all its shapes and forms

Cinnamon - Sticks Cinnamon - CZ4 Cinnamon - HNNG Cinnamon - Powder

Bird Eye Chilli in all its shapes and forms

Bird Chilli - Whole Bird Chilli - Flakes Bird Chilli - Powder

Wild Pepper in all its shapes and forms

Wild Pepper - Whole Wild Pepper - Crushed Wild Pepper - Powder

Black Pepper in all its shapes and forms

Black Pepper - Whole Black Pepper - Crushed Black Pepper - Powder